Thursday, August 9, 2012

Opinion of the Week

Hello readers this is Independent Cataclysm, I decided to tackle a weekly opinion based on morals, reflective insight, and to begin to insert my feelings on the absurdity and weaknesses of the western model.

In this post I'd like to keep it simple, tyranny. Such a ubiquitous word, however it is also subjective. I feel the Wall Street Bull is that very symbol, an economic bully pushing those not willing to go along into their "appropriate class." Those whom are too timid to take on the bull run, or perhaps go along; those who don't know better do not know how to handle the bull himself.

The bull is a symbol of applied greed, tyranny in the sense that "Wall Street" is the Kings of the future, corporate buildings their castles, legal teams their knights clad in suits. How is can people be subjugated without violence or any immediate physical duress? You reduce the transparency of how money is handled. You make auditing as difficult and tedious as possible for even the experienced or diligent investigator.

Transparency has always been met with resistance because the banking and market system is built on deceit and opportunism, this statement though strong is historically relevant. When the AIG Fallout occurred in 2008, who was there for the banks we the tax paying people were. All $786.6 Billion of us; who's been there for us since the middle class began decaying? Not the banks, not the aristocratic, and oddly not the government either. In fact education is only being utilitzed as an income source for the state, rather than an investment from the state to its people to grant them a better future (since we pay taxes anyway).

Again the bull, to me, is a harsh reminder of how the system (and by system I mean Americanized hybrid of neopolitical rhetoric, lobbyists, and economics) does not support its people and that politics as a whole bears limited significance on social matters (outside of the economic arena).

A good symbol would be a herding dog, because the herding dog cannot afford to lead the sheep astray for their fates are interdepedent, and the sheep can therefore depend on the herding dog. There is a fairness in their interdepency, more importantly a relative transparency because the sheep can actually see where they are going though they know not the destination each step of the journey is no more mystery than the previous step.

This is my opinion of how economics should be run, how politics should model themselves (if leadership is where the emphasis lies), and finally this is my opinion of the week.

Thanks for reading and getting through readers, this is one of my more direct posts.

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