Monday, July 25, 2011

This will be my first piece in the topic Sociology so these are mere idyllic musings from a young frustrated mind.

Here goes.

In times where people are nothing but expendable, low-grade tools, few high-powered industry leaders utilize these tools to the highest potential, without proper maintenance and care. The tools linger in their drawers, in the dark ignorant to the darkness itself. The “low-grade tools” are people who own pubs and gas stations, people who work in corrections buildings or teach at public schools, these are all people who pay taxes and contribute to a broken government stacked with fractured morals and shady motives. These people are you, me, and the guy who just served you the locks and eggs.

We are a group of people who never have any idea how we’re being used day to day, we eat our corn pops, or slurp our piping coffee and complain about a clinic arguing abortion or too much of an inconvenient race of people in the local supermarket. As ubiquitous as complaining menial things, that’s our morals that actually are worth fighting for only they won’t change the real problem that needs to be targeted first. The people who abuse their tools, who abuse us.

They don’t know and don’t care how they abuse us, because it isn’t personal. It’s manifest destiny, why wouldn’t it be? It’s their god damne-given right to take what isn’t theirs in the pursuit of happiness, because the system told them it’s alright to do so. Whether its hydrofrackers polluting the environment or mining companies trading blood for diamonds they all want to put smiles on their share-holders and investors, get that signing bonus, or get that new secretary who looks astonishing in a black slip.

We know why they do it, it’s started since one person had more grain or meat than the other in the caravan, to have more and to never lose what they had when they started having more. Why is it done? It’s obvious, when greed was discovered it became a high maintenance lover to keep. First, it took adequate use of force, then took proper use of people, next cunning, then as history would have it using all of the above. But how was this integrated to a point that everybody was being polluted without realizing they’re choking on this corrupt air? By making them need it. Making a system need corruption is the longest term investment a company can have, starting with inciting war in countries with the necessary raw materials, then continuing the war and glorifying the struggle. Next, you instate or purchase the necessary congressman or political officials that can contribute to the parties/groups responsible for making decisions within a governmental structure that effect the businesses that extract the raw materials they need, for cheap. Afterwards, you take the people who oppose the issue and send lobbyists (or retired corporate lawyers…or both) to combat the issue with incessant arguments wearing down their foes with money and rhetoric, desperate or feeble minded alike. Finally, you put the pieces together in this concerto of corruption you justify the industrious rape of the economy by injecting particular political views that agree with the methods used to accomplish the means of improving business at the cost of the people who are affected by them. The people responsible for encouraging this system, and for supporting it, combat criticism by eloquently justifying the blatant thievery with “survival of the fittest” mentality.

Nevermind who you push off the ladder on the climb up, it’s all yours so as long as you take it. When that becomes the nation’s mentality you’ve successfully completed the concerto by making people not only need the system turn them into tools for the system. Like making Wal-Mart a household name, turning homemade goods, such as pottery or cloth, into expensive fads, by having people weigh out the use of rBSTs in their cattle to produce more or just maintain the healthy and honest course. By making honesty and integrity expensive you’ve officially and successfully corrupted the system itself. This noxious air which we breathe we can’t pinpoint the source, but we can generalize it. It’s ourselves, it’s industry itself, it’s the trickle-down effect that turns bargain raw materials extracted with blood and despair into our savings and thereby killing the honest industry that once existed.

Who cares? You can get that Chiquita Banana at $0.69 per pound rather than pay for something grown without hormones and exploitation for $1.49 per pound. These are actual figures from bodegas and supermarkets in Brooklyn, something done with honesty will cost more because the dishonest method will kill the competition.

What creates unemployment? Exploitation. When a given corporate entity can cheaply mine resources without educating the people or instating fair trade agreements where the economic climate receives improvement in exchange for safe removal of the resources. The act of doing so is glorified by the exploiters, through political wisdom and sharp use of antiquated ideologies, also by keeping the exploited uneducated about and throughout the entire process; and by distracting them with war, separation/segregation, and hate. Hence, blood money is born, exploitation ensues and unemployment will flourish back in the given areas because the exploiters need the government from other countries to support their policies which give their actions the big green to go. Meanwhile, everyone back at home receives no support, no work, just cheaper prices to buy things and keep the goods coming in. Not out, and not fairly.

The western way of thinking has long since been antiquated, but has not been updated appropriately. Exploitation has created a bubble that will soon pop causing recession and shift, the need for change is imminent.

The speed of which ideologies can be implemented (or hopefully change) coincide with the technologies, for instance the internet and fiber-optics with trade and commerce. With the internet highway to move information exploitation hasn’t been easier, more can be accomplished and kept from the people than ever before. There are boundaries which privacy should prevail, absolute privacy means severe deregulation, which in turn means unstoppable corruption. Sharing is caring no?